Artificers (Religious ideology)

Throughout the world, there is a plethora of religions and religious beliefs. The breadth of variety is incomprehensible. From some of the greatest religions that form the basis of the highest form of civilization to the lowly tribal pantheons that worhship mere frogs, there is no shortage of creativity or peculiarity exhibited by life on this world. However, a common thread to most religions is the belief in the existence of one or more artificers.

I define artificer as a being of such incredible power that they are capable of creating or destroying anything in existence. This is the common thought that many priests, clerics, withdoctors and lowly worshippers: the artificer (or artificers) are the creators of everything and anything. Some religions subscribe to the idea that they create both the universe and everything in it, while others believe that the universe is a canvas where the artificers are artists creating a beautiful world or a workshop where an eager inventor is keen to experiment.

Domains in Polytheistic Religions

To each religion, their gods have a theme or domain to call their own. While the religions do differ in their gods names and feats,

Artificers (Religious ideology)

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